Thursday, August 23, 2012

50 things that make me happy.

I'm suffering from outrage fatigue and political overload, so it's time to think about some things that make me happy.  In no particular order:

1. The sound of my daughter's laughter.
2. Cooking dinner with a glass of wine and the windows open.
3. Planning meals.
4. Making lists.
5. The smell of the asphalt during a summer storm.
6. Sweet tea in the morning.
7. Opening a new bottle of anything-- wine, laundry detergent, coffee creamer.
8. The smell of my mom's face lotion.
9. Oregon strawberries.
10. The smell of old books at the library.
11. Walking around in bare feet on the first day warm enough to go without socks.
12. Freshly-cut grass.
13. The sound of sprinklers on a balmy summer evening.
14. Sitting in camp chairs in our driveway with my husband, hillbilly-style.
15. Handmade soap.
16. Picking berries.
17. Laughing until it hurts with my mom and aunts.
18. Bear hugs from large men.
19. Snuggling with my daughter when she's sleepy.
20. Sweaty beer glasses on a hot day.
21. Pizza and beer at the end of a long week.
22. The crinkles at the corners of my husband's eyes when he smiles.
23. Sliding between freshly-washed sheets after a shower.
24. Candles.
25. Baking bread, and eating a slice before it's cool.
26. A full box of Kleenex.
27. Putting away groceries and knowing what I'm going to cook with each ingredient.
28. Fresh fudge.
29. Music.
30. Finishing a knit/crochet project and then giving it to somebody who doesn't expect it.
31. Making my dad laugh.
32. Having guests and cooking a big breakfast in the morning after drinking too much.
33. New video games.
34. The sound of the fan in the window.
35. Bright colors.
36. Soft yarn.
37. Learning a new skill.
38. Long hikes.
39. Waterfalls.
40. Singing until my voice goes away.
41. Organizing things.
42. Buying supplies for the school year.
43. Planning outfits for big events.
44. Finding a post in my RSS feed from a favorite blogger.
45. Starting to read a new book and realizing it's going to be really good.
46. Getting together with old friends after a long time apart and it's like no time has passed.
47. Wrapping presents.
48. Browsing knitting patterns on Ravelry.
49. Feeling pleasantly drained after resolving a problem.
50. Typing the last line of an essay.

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